Middle East

July 26, 2012

While both the Israel-Palestine conflict and the emergence of Iran as a regional power seem to be distinct political phenomena, each contribute to the further destabilization of the Middle East. The question that this panel will ask then is twofold: how can a peace settlement can be achieved between Israel and Palestine, and prospectively, what impact would such an agreement have on the region in respect to radicalization? Secondly, it will ask, how can Iran's nuclear ambitions that threaten not only Israel, but potentially Arab nations as well, best be addressed? Speakers: David Andelman, World Policy Journal, H.E Amre Moussa, League of Arab States, Dr. Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University, Dr. Jihad Al-Wazir, Palestinian Monetary Authority, Richard Bulliet, Columbia University, Dr. Eckart Woertz, Gulf Research Center and Fellow Princeton University