Global Security in the 21st Century

July 26, 2012

Since the end of the Cold War, the world’s security priorities have shifted from one of bi-polar opposition based on the belief that better weapons made for better security to a set of diffuse and multiple security concerns – climate change, terrorism, ethnic conflict, nuclear proliferation – that have emerged as part of globalization. These threats are further compounded as a result of advances in technology that have made biological, cyber or other non-conventional weapons more readily available and easier to obtain. With such an array of security challenges how do nations, as well as global security organizations, prioritize the neutralization of these threats? What agenda can be set to meet the novel and emerging security challenges over the next decade?  Speakers:  Dr. John Henry Clippinger, Berkman Center Harvard University, Louise Arbour, International Crisis Group, Lieutenant General Robert Schmidle, Deputy Commander of the US Cyber Command, Jeffrey Friedberg, Microsoft, Dr. Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University, Dr. Eric Bonabeau, Icosystem Corporation, Dr. Tom Malone, MIT