Global Health

July 24, 2012

While health worldwide has improved markedly over the last 30 years – with individuals in both rich and poor nations, living longer more fuller lives - ‘global health’ can be described as being uneven in its application and facing ever more daunting challenges as a result of climate change, globalization, urbanization and increased longevity. This panel will ask: (a.) What are the key global health challenges over the next decade? (b.) How can new research practices – such as synthetic – biology be motivated to cure disease? (c.) What day-to-day strategies can be deployed to meet basic heath requirements of individuals in need? and (d.) How can health care be made affordable? Speakers: Majid Fotuhi, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Ms. Sophie Delaunay, Médicins sans Frontières, Dr. Leonard Zon, Harvard Medical School, David Bloom, Harvard University, Prof. Scott Barrett, Columbia University, Bill Roedy, MTV Networks International, Stanley Bergman, Henry Schein Inc, Niels Christiansen, Nestle, Vladimir Pozner, UNAIDS