Emerging Economies Panel Session (Long Version)

August 23, 2012

In 2010, the GDP growth numbers of the BRIC nations were: Brazil 7.5%, Russia 4.0%, India 9.7% and China 10.3%. Africa as a continent can also be seen to have grown at 7.5%. These figures are in stark contrast to: USA 2.9%, UK 1.3%, France 1.5% and Germany 3.6%. How can we assess these growth numbers? Which sectors are on the rise? Where is foreign investment concentrated and how can these new economies create internal consumer demand, rather than export-driven growth? How can emerging economies cope with continued recessionary pressures within the United States and Europe? Is there sufficient internal demand to maintain growth rates, or to what extent do these countries rely on Western markets? How does the global rise in commodity prices impact each nation that contains an uneven landscape of resource and wealth distribution?