July 26, 2012

Education continues to be at the forefront of national debates, where governments, educators and parents have expressed concerns regarding how youth can be best prepared for a globally competitive job market, and how scarce educational resources can be best allocated to meet the needs of the greatest number possible. How can technology be used to provide both cognitive advances to education and access to those who are less privileged? What can be learnt from cognitive and neurosciences in order to provide more effective classroom situations and learning techniques?  Speakers: Dr. Stephen Kossyln, Harvard University, Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard University, Dr. Allan Goodman, Institute for International Education, Dr. Fred Mednick, Teachers Without Borders, Dr. Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, NYU, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Research, Tony Miller, US Deputy Secretary for Education, Richard Tuttle, Artist